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Wiarton Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

The best defense against tooth decay and damage is regular oral hygiene and cleanings. Daily brushing in the morning and night, combined with regular visits to your dentist can help keep your teeth healthy for years.

We, like most dentists, recommend two or more visits per year to maintain good oral health. During your visit we’ll examine your teeth, professionally clean, scale, and polish them and apply a fluoride treatment. We also review proper brushing and flossing techniques and take x-rays, if necessary.

Consider us a part of your overall medical team. The health of your mouth is a great indicator of your overall health. During your visit we’ll exam your mouth for early signs of disease, such as lumps and lesions associated with oral cancer.

If you need more information about Oral Hygiene/Cleaning in Wiarton, contact us today.

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